Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our About Us page…

We work with clients who are:

  •  Excited for deep growth opportunities 
  •  Self-reflective
  •  Curious and eager to learn 

We do not work with clients who:

  •  Are under the age of 18
  •  Have epilepsy
  •  Are pregnant
  •  Having serious cardiovascular challenges
  •  Are currently in mental or emotional crisis
  •  Experience mania*
  •  Experience psychosis*

* More research is needed into how specific populations of neurodivergent people can benefit from our offerings. We continually learn from cutting edge research so we can reach a broader range of clients. We do work with clients seeking sessions to address anxiety and/or depression, with the understanding that we are not licensed mental health professionals. These sessions work best alongside other wellness, therapeutic, and somatic practices.

In most cases, you will arrive the morning of your session. Sessions usually last around 4-8 hours and include both Brett and Chelsey as guides the entire time. A light dinner is offered at the end of the day and accommodations in a private room for the night are provided. Most often, we ask clients to stay the night to allow a thorough grounding before a light breakfast and integration the next day.

Our sessions are private and designed for 1-4 clients at a time. We work with individuals, relatives, couples, and friends. We don’t work with large groups and our clients always know each other.

Due to the format we follow, we’re not able to host people who are not participating in the retreat, even if they are friends, relatives, or partners of participants. We’ve learned from experience that having each person in the group fully share in the same set of experiences helps create the most beneficial environment for everyone involved. Thank you for understanding!

Your session begins with an intake call where we’ll discuss what your looking for and possible approaches. Each session day is uniquely tailored to both the client and the desired outcomes. 

During your initial consultation call we will discuss pricing based on the approach we agree on. We believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing our services. As such, we have a flexible, sliding-scale pricing model so we can work with a broad range of clients. We’re happy to chat more about our pricing model during our intake call – please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you soon.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, low on energy or somehow not quite right, consider booking a visit to Brett and Chelsey. With tender loving care, this dynamic duo will help you get to the heart of your issues and find the clarity to clear them once and for all.


- D. H.