Our Practice

Our Practice embodies integrity, simplicity, and a deep commitment to the environment. As a married couple, we understand the importance of nurturing relationships and living harmoniously with our surroundings.

Acting as stewards of the land allows us a deeper connection to the world and a richer sense of place. We also strive to maintain a beginner's mind, approaching each session with compassionate curiosity and present moment awareness.

With a nonjudgmental and non-dualistic mindset, we believe in creating beauty, peace - both internally and externally. Leading by example from a deep well of experience and a holistic perspective that informs our practice, we seek to inspire others to discover their true identity and live authentically.

Your Guides


Coming from nearly three decades of studying, refining and using a broad range of catalyzing substance and practices, Brett can provide a foundation for internal exploration based in both theory and experience. By creating a structure broadly based in Buddhism, Non-Duality, Western Humanistic values, psychology and rationalism, Brett can help people find the necessary framework for holding their experience in both the mind and body.

Through working with hundreds of people in numerous states of consciousness, Brett can help stabilize your experience into insight. This stabilization can then lead to a broader experience and depth to life. These experiences, by broadening our conception of reality, also allow a deeper relating to others and a deeper sense of peace within ourselves.

Having lived and worked on his 20-acre Northern California farm for twenty years, Brett has continuously ‘pushed the envelope’ for both himself and his clients, constantly striving for greater understanding of both himself and consciousness in general. In contrast to many providers emerging recently, Brett leads from a large reservoir of personal experience and not just a theoretical position. This allows for a greater understanding of the client’s internal experience and a level of relating not available to those trained in theory alone.

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Chelsey is a nature-loving guide with a strong belief in the reciprocity between humans and nature. With 10 years of experience as a guide, she has honed her skills in helping individuals reconnect with their authentic selves and live a life centered on Love.

Chelsey's studies have focused on deeply understanding the workings of the mind and how, when it's ways are understood, it can support a more genuine and fulfilling existence. Having experienced peak states of consciousness throughout her life, she has been drawn to explore various cultures and psychologies to gain a holistic perspective on herself and humanity as a whole. Chelsey is particularly passionate about thanatology, grief counseling and end of life support as well as the impact of losing Loved one's has on our experience of Reality.

In addition, she finds joy in music, singing, and crafting, and has trained in energy healing, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, master herbalism, and mentorship. Through her work and personal pursuits, Chelsey represents and advocates for peace.

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Since 2017, I’ve been heading up to the Rancho regularly for private ceremonies, psychotherapy. Brett and Chelsey use their expertise and intuition to prepare me ahead of time, facilitate these transformative experiences, and perhaps most importantly, to then help me integrate lessons from these experiences into my everyday life. More

- J.B.

The Property

Nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California is a very special piece of land. A place of magic and wisdom, nature and science, a place where perception and belief become refined in the alchemical process of experience. A place where we have the safety and space to really investigate ourselves and be supported along the way. It’s a place where transformation lives…

For twenty years, Brett and Chelsey have called this land their home. Spending their days stewarding the land with Love and sharing the results with countless clients, this life has been truly special. Being far from the distractions of ‘everyday life’, there is an opportunity to hear ourselves more clearly and see from a higher perspective.

Combining this very special setting with decades of personal experience and client work, Brett and Chelsey have developed an approach that is both unique to them and also broadly based in Non-Duality, Buddhism, Western Humanistic values, psychology and rationalism.

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