In Harmony with the Land

A Sense of Place

Nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California is a very special piece of land. A place of magic and wisdom, nature and science, a place where perception and belief become refined in the alchemical process of experience. A place where we have the safety and space to really investigate ourselves and be supported along the way. It's a place where transformation lives.

For twenty years, Brett and Chelsey have called this land their home. Spending their days stewarding the land with Love and sharing the results with countless clients, this life has been truly special. Being far from the distractions of 'everyday life', there is an opportunity to hear ourselves more clearly and see from a higher perspective.

Combining this very special setting with decades of personal experience and client work, Brett and Chelsey have developed an approach that is both unique to them and also broadly based in Non-Duality, Buddhism, Western Humanistic values, psychology and rationalism.

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Wisdom + Commitment

A Life of Service

Session Work

Come to our Land in the Sierra Foothills to experience one-on-one guided experiences with Brett and Chelsey. Using a hands on approach, your day-long intensive will be tailored to your unique needs and situation.

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Integration Coaching

Having trouble integrating your last experience in to your day-to-day life? Drawing on decades of experience, we can help you find the skillful context and framing to get real results from your personal work.

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Guide Training

Our approach is different. Embracing our role as engaged participants in our client’s sessions, we offer a more guided approach than the emerging clinical model of session work. If this engagement appeals to you, reach out and let’s talk about mentoring opportunities.

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Psychedelic Triage

Not every session goes well and we have been contacted a number of times in the past to provide “psychedelic triage” to people having a hard time. More than integration work, this type of work entails a sense of urgency and need for resolution.

Our Services

I consider myself blessed to have known and worked with them as guides for over a decade, working with a variety of medicines, receiving their skilled, compassionate and attuned support at different stages of my life—through times of uncertainty, celebration, crisis, and growth. My work with them has been one of the fundamental pillars of support on my unfolding life’s journey and I can safely say that I am a different and better person as a result.


- M.R.